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Make sure to wash your beard with a men’s natural shampoo 2 – 3x a week. This will keep your beard clean, smelling great, and prevent any build up from accumulating in your beard (sweat or excess oil). Your beard’s hair is no different than the hair on top of your face. There’s no need to buy a special beard wash, it’s nothing more than overpriced shampoo. The best shampoo for men is sulfate free and uses natural ingredients. Do you really want to put chemicals in the hair that surrounds your mouth?

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Solomon's After Shave Bitter Almond 100ml
  • New
Solomon's After Shave Bitter Almond 100mlThis aftershave is composed of a light non-greasy emulsion, pleasantly cool and rapidly absorbable.After the shaving process, skin is more fragile, irritated and sensiti..
Solomon's Pre Shave Bitter Almond 100ml
  • New
Solomon's Pre Shave Bitter Almond 100mlPre-shave Shoothing Pre-shave emulsion, with a nice scent of Bitter Almond, made of: Wheat Germ Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Bisabolol, Physalis Angul..
Solomon's Shaving Cream Bitter Almond 150ml
  • New
Solomon's Shaving Cream Bitter Almond 150mlShaving Soap with an extremely delicate and innovative formula: perfect for every skin type, even the more sensitive.This is a "soap not soap" product which washi..
Solomon's Shaving Soap
  • New
Solomon's Shaving SoapShaving Soap, gives a beautiful consistent and perfumed white foam.Solomon's solid shaving soap is handmade using the traditional soap production process:- Cook the ingredients -> ..