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Solomon's Mustache Comb

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Solomon's Mustache Comb

Mustache Comb made of Rhodoid,designed to comb and shape the moustache in the perfect style.

This comb is unique because:

  • The thickness of the teeth is designed to give the right turn to the hair, creating the desired shape;
  • Teeth are calibrated to roll out the hair even with strong mou waxes on it, avoiding the risk of grounding or tearing the hair;
  • The material we used does not allow the adhesion of residues of waxes, which are otherwise removed  with a simple rinse;
  • the measures have been designed to be carried in a pocket, together with its velvet case, and at the same time it has a length beyond the comb perfectly adequate to handle the mustache.

How to use it:

  • Hold the comb through your fingers, following the hair's natural direction, from the base to the tips;
  • Untangle the hair and give the desired fold, if necessary fit a mustache wax to model and create your own personal style.

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