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Solomon's Beard Brush With Handle

  • Product Code: Beard-Brush-With-Handle
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Solomon's Beard Brush With Handle

This Beard Brush with handle is made with fine wood and a mix of boar and nylon bristles. The particular structure of the bristles, placed at a precise distance, allows you to order the most unruly beard and proves to be a valuable accessory that can not miss in the set of those who love to care and to wear beards, not for fashion but for culture. In addition, the mix of bristles composition, 50% boar and 50% nylon, has been designed to give the right softness to the bristles that allows you to comb your beard efficiently.

Thanks to its special handl, you will experience a better grip and you will be able to brush your beard with great care.

We recommend regularly brushing your beard to straighten it and to avoid annoying knots and ripples.

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