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Hair care

Make sure to wash your beard with a men’s natural shampoo 2 – 3x a week. This will keep your beard clean, smelling great, and prevent any build up from accumulating in your beard (sweat or excess oil). Your beard’s hair is no different than the hair on top of your face. There’s no need to buy a special beard wash, it’s nothing more than overpriced shampoo. The best shampoo for men is sulfate free and uses natural ingredients. Do you really want to put chemicals in the hair that surrounds your mouth?

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Solomon's Hair Lotion - Anti Hair Loss Shrager 100mlSpecifically designed for the scalp, this rebalancing product contains stimulating and normalising ingredients like Ginseng root and Camphor which stimul..
Solomon's Hair Lotion - Detox Lotion Agister 100mlThe lotion’s effects are enhanced by the presence of tea tree oil, which helps reduce sebum production and the presence of dandruff, and by the rosema..
Solomon's Hair Lotion - Sebo Control Lotion Palister 100mlApplied regularly, it carries out a gradual rebalancing action, stabilising the sebaceous glands and improving the condition of the hair which is c..
Solomon's Hair Shampoo - Daily Shampoo Powler 200 mlProfessional shampoo for daily use. Refreshing and toning for normal and dry hair.Enriched with collagen and vegetable glycerine, it gently cleanses the hai..
Solomon's Hair Shampoo - Shampoo Anti Hair Loss Shrager 200 mlHelps create the perfect conditions for stronger and more vibrant hair thanks to the presence of Collagen and Ginseng which penetrate the hair fibre..
Solomon's Hair Shampoo - Shampoo Detox Agister 200 mlRemoving pollutant particles and excess toxins thanks to the detox action of the lemon and mint extract. Its formula enriched with panthenol reduces itching ..
Solomon's Hair Shampoo - Shampoo Sebo Control Palister 200 mlThe incredible effectiveness of Climbazole, an antifungal agent that combats Malassezia furfur, neutralises the fungus deemed responsible for the ons..
Solomon's Hair Wax Cream Pomade - CUTLERIn Victorian times this name used to identify the one who sharpened the blades ok knives. Like the profession it remembers, this Solomon’s wax refines and defines your lo..
Solomon's Hair Wax heavy hold shine Pomade - Lighthouse KeeperLike a real lighthouse keeper, this wax with a “super shine” effect gives shine to your hair and guarantees excellent combability thanks to its extr..